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With Nepsis Retirement Services™, advisors and plan sponsors don’t need to be retirement plan experts. We provide Retiring with Clarity™ -- the guidance, support and discipline to help you deliver expert solutions for your unique client base and valued plan participants. Our 4 Keys to Successful Investing are built around one centric idea: we believe it is critical for advisors, plan sponsors and investors to understand how and why their money is invested.



Our philosophy is based on “time owning quality businesses”, not “timing businesses” or chasing historical returns. Our portfolios are designed for a minimum investment time horizon of 3-5 years and are not based on the flawed notion of short-term benchmarking.

We believe investors should “own” quality companies, rather than have their money over-diversified throughout the stock market. We also think of volatility as our friend, because it provides us with the opportunity to invest in quality companies when they are “on sale” through the power of Strategic Cost Averaging™.



Defining obtainable goals and planning for the inevitability of market fluctuations are at the core of our investment strategy. Investing should be viewed as “time owning great companies”, rather than “timing companies” or trying to time the market. Our equity selection process is based on maintaining long-term positions within a diversified portfolio of quality companies. Our portfolios are comprised of 25 to 35 companies, with an initial investment of no more than 5% in any one company.

The more investors understand how and why their money is invested, the more successful they can be. By helping investors develop a strategic vision, we set a foundation that enables them to start Retiring with Clarity™.


Nepsis Sell Strategy Discipline

Nepsis Retirement Services™ helps you and your clients understand the rationale for increasing a position with a company in our portfolio, as well as the need to sell a position. When selling, we consider many factors including:

  • The long-term fundamentals of the company or sector have changed
  • A potentially better opportunity has emerged
  • Selling will lock in gains and/or rebalance the portfolio
  • Tax Management - “Harvesting” for future gains or offsetting current gains


Flexibility –

Set it and forget it… an all too common 401k reality for many participants today. Nepsis Retirement Services™ believes only active portfolio management allows for adjustments based on unforeseen changes in the economy and/or businesses owned. You and your clients can be confident knowing what businesses are owned, why you own them and why changes in the portfolio occur.


Nepsis Strategic Cost Averaging™

This flexible investment strategy utilizes powerful tactics based on investing unequal monetary amounts in a position timed to specific market and/or company events. In doing so, investors have the opportunity to purchase additional shares of a company when it is “on sale” over time. This is why stock volatility is so important to the long-term investment process.


Transparency –

Seeing is believing. At Nepsis Retirement Services™, we pride ourselves in the transparency of our capital accountability. You and your clients will see all activity in the portfolio and know what companies are owned. Our clear and sensible investment strategy, coupled with our ongoing “active” portfolio management, creates an atmosphere of open communication and trust.

We provide independent clearing through TD Ameritrade and independent reporting through Morningstar.

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